Learning QGIS

Here are a few basic tutorials on how to get to grips with the basics of QGIS.  Each video has a written PDF associated with it that give the step-by-step methodology to help make sense of the video. Using both should enable you to create what is shown, or something similar. The examples produced are for areas around Cumbria but you can choose anywhere you like - the principles remain the same. Apologies for the occasionally somewhat shambolic narration!

(1) Introduction and making a shapefile (video)             PDF tutorial

(2) More complex shapefiles and table joins (video)      PDF tutorial

(3) Georeferencing an image of a map (video)                PDF tutorial

(4) Working with points and grids (video)                       PDF tutorial      Data  (Bigcats.csv)

(5) Interpolating data to fill the gaps  (video)                 PDF tutorial      Data (Cumbria weather. csv)

(additional materials: UK shapefile   WorldClim data (UK raster)    Met office data (LTA 1981-2010) )

(6) Making a map layout for publication (video)            PDF tutorial (coming soon)



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