Literature Reviews

Getting the right answer is crucial but often difficult when there are many different opinions available. We produce extensive reviews of literature on a range of biological issues, particularly associated with the control/management of invasive species.


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Insect Production

Insect production for a variety of uses is becoming increasingly popular.  We provide consultancy on how best to grow a range of insects, from crickets and mealworms to maggots. We have experience in rearing over thirty different species on insects and if you want to start a farm or have a problem that needs solving, we can help.

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Pest Consultancy

Pests cause problems in agriculture, industry and the home.  Solving the problem can often prove difficult.  If you have a problem that does not seem to be going away, give us a call and see if we can help.

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Putting data on maps using qgis

Placing your data on a map can be a valuable methods for understanding an issue, such as the distribution of a species, the climate of a given area (How hot? How windy? How wet?), the incidence of a phenomenon across a geographic range etc. Every day we see data plotted in such a way, often to very simply emphasize a point.  We can do this for you or, alternatively, show you how to do it using QGIS, a feature-rich, open-source and cross-platform package.

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