Highfield Biological Consultancy was founded in 2017 in order to provide a vehicle for the provision of services to Defra and Fera Science Ltd as well as private clients in the UK and Europe.  The consultancy was established by Dr Howard Bell, an entomologist with nearly 30 years  of research experience in the area of pest management, environmental issues, invasive species and climate-change related areas.  Whilst working at Fera, he also had a strong interest in nuisance insects - particularly flies -and their control, an interest that led him to work closely with Defra in rolling out the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act. This led to him (with colleagues) writing the code of practice with respect to the siting and operation of sewage treatment plants for the minimizing of pest problems.

Howard has widespread practical knowledge of the growing field of Insect Farming. There are now a number of species being grown for food and (potentially) feed in the UK and  consultancy is provided to emerging businesses in the exciting new field.  He can tell you all about the adavantages and pitfalls of getting going in this area and has developed specific protocols to deal with disease issues that often affect cricket colonies.  These protocols has been validated in Europe and theUK .

In addition to conducting hands-on science and the writing of literature reviews, Howard is also a very enthusiastic user of Geographic Information Systems, particularly QGIS.  He has amassed a vast range of data sets on climate change, land use and vegetation cover for the UK, Europe and elsewhere and, with a few clicks of the mouse, can tell you what is happening in your area.

Howard serves as an Associate Researcher at the University of Cumbria, one of the UK's youngest universities, providing input to the Zoology department. He completed his BSc and PhD at Newcastle University and worked for Fera / CSL for over 23 years. He has published over 50 peer reviewed papers, written the odd book chapter, appeared on TV numerous times (mostly reluctantly).  For around a decade he also served as a member of the editorial Board of Pest Management Science, the foremost journal in the field of crop protection.

Please feel to contact us via e-mail or phone if you want to discuss an issue.