Farming Insects Commercially

Farming insects on an industrial scale is now becoming a realistic economic proposition as interest in materials derived from a range of species increases.  Some insect species can be reared to produce animal feeds, whilst others can be used directly as a human food.  The possibilities are manifold and the industry is just in its infancy. New companies are springing up in the UK, Europe and elsewhere but there are challenges at all levels of the industry:

  • Capital outlay is large
  • Insects need specialists care and can be labour intensive to rear
  • The product must be safe for the intended use
  • The available markets require research as uncertainties exist
  • Legislation is struggling to catch up

It is expected in most quarters that insect farming will increase year-on-year as the need to make better use of the planet's resources forces us to explore new avenues to generate food for us, feed for our animals, and to produce useful materials.  The maggots of flies are now being used to convert manure into high quality protein whilst crickets and mealworms are widely grown as food for humans and are processed into a wide range of ingredients.  Yes, insects are now becoming an ingredient that can be purchased in the supermarket, even in the UK.

We have experience of a range of insect species used by insect farmers.  If you are considering rearing insects commercially and need some help, contact us.

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