How land is used is fundamental to our environment.  Great land-use data has been compiled over recent years and here  I have made some of the data I have mapped available.  The data was originally from Copernicus, as a set of  somewhat resource hungry Europe-wide polygons.  Due to errors in the original polygons, and the size of the data set, the shapefiles here were constructed by rasterizing the land-use map of Europe, clipping out the UK and then re-vectorizing the data to create a new set of polygons. Hopefully not too many errors have been introduced by this convoluted methodology.

The data for the whole UK and regions  has been left as individual parcels of land (i.e. the polygons for a single land-type are separate). Therefore, data on each land type has not been summed up - to get these values use Vector analysis - Basic Statistics to extract data for a whole feature (bog, urban areas etc.).  Please feel free to download the shapefiles below and flag-up any errors in the files. If you need help in using and manipulating the data, please contact us at the link at the bottom of this page.

Land-use shapefiles

A style file is available in each folder so that the maps can be categorized

The entire UK (unmerged polygons)

The entire UK (raster) - contact me, exceeds file size limits

UK Regions and counties coming soon

Northwest of England (unmerged)

North East (unmerged) Summary data (*.xlsx)

Yorkshire and Humberside  (unmerged)  Summary data (*.xlsx)

East Midlands (unmerged) Summary data (*.xlsx)

Cumbria (unmerged)   Summary data (*xlsx)


The original data (shapefiles) can be downloaded from Copernicus (you will need to register). The above used 2018 data (clc2018_cls2018_v2018_20b2_fgdb - this is a geopackage) but earlier datasets are also available.

UK Shapefiles for the whole country, counties and regions can be downloaded from the Ordnance Survey (look for the gadm36_GBR_2_GID_NAME-XXX files for individual counties, cities etc.).